Neth H, Gradwohl N (2019).  unikn: Graphical elements of the University of Konstanz's corporate design.  Social Psychology and Decision Sciences, University of Konstanz, Konstanz, Germany. R package (version 0.2.0, September 25, 2019),

Enabling elements of the University of Konstanz’s corporate design in R.

R package unikn::The unikn package provides color functions — by defining dedicated colors and color palettes, and commands for changing, viewing, and using them — and styled text elements (e.g., for marking, underlining, or plotting colored titles).  The pre-defined range of colors and text functions is based on the corporate design of the University of Konstanz (see this link for details), but can be adapted and extended for other institutions and purposes.

The package defines the following color palettes (for users of R):

unikn color palettes

and allows creating visualizations like the following:

Example plot using the unikn default color palette


Example for unikn text functionsLinks: